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  • Fantastic food and the most unique atmosphere in Belize!

    Dr. Feel Awesome

    I'd heard that Nahil Mayab was a unique restaurant, known for its Mojitos, but it has the coolest ambiance I've seen in Belize. I was told that it took the better part of a decade to create, and that just one wall of the bar took 6 months to sculpt, and after being there, I believe it.

    It's hard to describe how unique it is. Imagine every square inch of the walls having Mayan glyphs on them. All around the ceiling were glyphs, and the columns had stella on them. I truly can't believe it exists in Belize. The detail on the waterfall wall is outstanding. It's done with painted plaster of paris or something, but words really don't do it justice, you'd just have to see it to believe it.

    The drinks were good, and strong. A friend took me there for happy hour to show me the place, and after seeing the decor, and hearing about how it took years to build, I decided I must come back later for the food. The food was outstanding! I sat at the bar, since I wanted some more drinks, and to hear the bartender's take on the place. The Hawaiian mojito was really good(they are half price during happy hour), as were the peach and blue margaritas.

    I had the bartender, Veronica, who made great drinks, suggest food, and Creamy Mushroom Chicken it was. It was divine! If I had stayed in Orange Walk another night, I would've gone back to try something else. The place was pretty full the entire time I was there, which says a lot. Yet, the food came out in good time, and had wonderful presentation. I can't wait to return!

  • Fodor's Review

    Orange Walk Town may be the last place you'd expect to find a restaurant like this, with its upscale Maya-inspired decor, excellent service, and well-prepared food...”— read full review at Fodor's

  • Probably one of the best restaurants in Belize

    Carliz, Cancun

    Been there many times, and always is a pleasure to eat there, good and tasty food, extented menu, friendly people, fresh, clean and nice location. i have to admit it, even if orange walk is not really nice, and a little dusty, this place is a jewel for a small place like this. i been in many cities of belize, and really is a good option not to lose, i love their coconut shrimp! and if you really want to try the most famous dish from belize, the rice and beans, Nahil Mayab have one of the tastiest.

  • The food is awesome!

    Scot Forte

    I have been visiting for the past 12 years and yet by far the Nahil restaurant is the best restaurant I've ever eaten at. I highly recommend. If you're in Orange Walk Town, Belize you stop by and enjoy the friendly and very helpful customer service and elegant environment. The food is awesome. :grin

  • Great atmosphere, friendly staff, great food!

    Hunter Adams

    I was in Orange Walk doing research last summer for a month and ate here 4 times. This is a wonderful restaurant. It has great atmosphere, a friendly staff, great food, and sweet sweet air conditioning! I can't wait to come back someday.

  • Great food, service, drinks and ambience.

    Jane Crawford

    Great food, service, drinks and ambience.

  • Great satisfaction.

    Arlette Cacho

    Sorry that I have taken so long to write you. I just wanted to write and extend my so warm felt thanks for making my boyfriends dinner so special. It was more than what I was expecting. The professionalism in which we were treated was so great. Rest assure that we left with great satisfaction. Thank you very much. Hope to see you all very,very soon.

  • Amazing Hospitality.

    Nadeli Honeycutt

    Osmany, thank you for the amazing hospitality. The food was absolutely amazing and the service was superb. It's nice to have an amazing restaurant like Nahil Mayab in the heart of Orange Walk.

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